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Since it was first made visible on the Air Max 1 back in 1987, Nike’s Air Max technology has defined, shifted, and advanced athletic footwear — from both a performance standpoint and a lifestyle standpoint. Its continued evolution on models like the Vapormax is nothing short of amazing, and now the next generation of Air — the Air Max 720 — is set to begin rolling out soon, as official images of a “Sunrise” colorway have surfaced. The shoe’s eye-catching cushioning unit takes the large bubble from the Air Max 270 and expands on it both literally and figuratively to make the largest Air Max cushioning unit ever, complete with a yellow-to-orange gradient. The textured synthetic upper adds further to the “Sunrise” stylings with its warm orange color — a look that any Air Max Plus fan is sure to be familiar with — while black accents and black plastic embellishments then complete the look. Enjoy a full set of official images below, and look for these new 720s to drop this spring, quite possibly around Air Max Day as the “Aurora Borealis” colorway is reportedly arriving in March.
Nike Air Max 720 “Sunrise”
Release Date: February 28th, 2019
Style Code: AO2924-800

Price: $180
Type: Casual
Available: Sold Out (Next drop: 2/21)

Editor’s note: This article was updated after we received a pair of Nike Air Max 720s to try.

Here’s what you need to know about the Air Max 720, the latest Air Max that dropped on February 1, and also the most decadent, stiff, outrageous sneaker to ever grace the Runner’s World office: It’s pretty ridiculous. To wear it, you have to like attention, because it’s impossible for someone to see this shoe and not form a strong opinion. And those opinions will be shared with you whether you want to hear them or not. This is that kind of shoe. Nike told us that the 720 isn’t a running shoe, which sounded like a challenge to us—more on that later.

The Air Max 720’s launch generated both hype and controversy. A petition to recall the shoe gained more than 43,000 signatures based on the Air Max logo’s apparent depiction of the word “Allah,” which some muslims consider offensive. When asked whether the launch would go forward as planned, Nike told Runner’s World that the company is taking the concerns seriously, and that the logo “is intended to reflect the Air Max brand only. Any other perceived meaning or representation is unintentional.”

VIEW 19 IMAGES Nike AirMax 720

Nike’s previous flagship Air Max, the Air Max 270, packs a 32mm air pillow in the sole; at 38mm, the new Air Max 720 puts a veritable bounce house of cushioning underfoot. That added 6mm is designed to provide all-day comfort for not just your foot, but also your environmental conscience—Nike says the 720’s air bag is made from more than 75-percent recycled manufacturing waste. In person, the air bag looks even bigger, and because it juts out past your heel, you feel it compressing with every step. It’s an odd sensation at first, but you don’t notice it on the run and it does beget that air-walk feel after you get the hang of it.

If the shimmering air sole and accompanying overlays are the gaudiest parts of the shoe, the wavy upper is the most polarizing. You either love it or hate it; I got all kinds of unsolicited feedback. “You’re wearing those?” was the gist, although sneakerheads might take that as a compliment. The fit feels a bit small, although the toe box isn’t cramped and the midfoot doesn’t feel particularly narrow. The soles are seriously plush, especially in the forefoot, which is necessary in a firm shoe that otherwise feels like it’s entered rigor mortis.

VIEW 19 IMAGES Nike AirMax 720
The stiffness, and the 17.8-ounce weight (in a men’s size 12), don’t totally discount the Air Max 720 as an occasional running shoe. It isn’t a running shoe, of course, but it doesn’t feel bad on the jog. Those massive air soles produce enough rebound to offset some of the shoe’s heft; it’s not enough to disguise all of its planetary mass, but enough to keep it from feeling as slow as it should. If you’re a midfoot striker, the bulbous heel isn’t stride-altering. We still wouldn’t pick the shoe for everyday running, but it might be the perfect Instagram flex at the gym. And if you’re wondering why we’re talking about this shoe at all, it’s because we appreciate that Nike’s most stylish casual shoes look a lot like running shoes, and we’re always curious to know how the day’s hottest sneakers hold up to actual running—against Nike’s advice, now we know.

The company says you can expect to see full-length, 720-degree visible air sweep through a variety of the brand’s designs. Could a dedicated running shoe be in the works? Only time will tell. In the meantime, Nike has teased the next 720 release, the Jordan Proto-Max 720.

VIEW 19 IMAGES Nike AirMax 720
The first Air Max 720 “Northern Lights” colorway is sold out, but the “Sunset” and “Sunrise” drop February 21 at select Nike retailers,, and Nike SNKRS.

Cheap Wholesale Air Max 720 Womens Sale Outlet Store Online

Since Nike unveiled its Air Max 720 during last year’s Q1 earnings conference call, the futuristic running model has generated a tremendous amount of buzz, with sneaker fans finally getting their chance to pick up the shoe this month.

Pushing the limits of Nike’s Air Max line, the silhouette boasts the tallest visible Air unit to date, which is 6 millimeters taller than any before it. The kicks feature the first full-length cushioning system that surrounds the entirety of the wearer’s underfoot, which is promised to deliver all-day comfort. The cushioning system will also reuse more than 70 percent of recycled manufacturing waste.

Nike Air Max 720 Women’s ‘Sunset’
The women’s exclusive Nike Air Max 720 “Sunset.”
Releasing tomorrow is the classic Sunrise colorway introduced on the Air Max Plus. The upper features an eye-catching color gradient fading from red to orange to yellow. Launching exclusively for women, the Sunset makeup will incorporate a gradient fade of purple and pink hues on the mesh upper. Both iterations will don black thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) pods throughout the runner along with a dark midsole to complete the look.

The Nike Air Max 720 “Sunrise” and “Sunset” release tomorrow for $180 on the SNKRS app at 10 a.m. ET.

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Nike’s First Wave of Air Max 720s Are Releasing Next Month

Being a sneakerhead in a world of “these are comfy” shoe purchases gives a certain feeling of exclusivity. You’re part of an elite group of hypebeasts who has been blessed with the ability to recognize the most fashionably dope sneaker silhouettes and colorways. Nike has fueled the flame of this insider vibe with its exclusive sneaker releases, the introduction of members-only perks, and by creating buzz around new colorway releases — all events that, until recently, were mostly for men. The latest release, the Nike Air Max 720 “Sunrise” and “Sunset” colorways, are a slight move away from the boys club, advertised as a “gender neutral” silhouette and colorway.

The Nike Air Max 720 silhouette just dropped a few weeks ago and people are already going nuts about it, and we totally get the hype. Specifically designed for lifestyle and casual use, the sneaks are one of the gender-neutral silhouettes offered by Nike, so everyone gets to enjoy the dopeness. This is pretty unusual for Nike, and is welcomed as a progressive shift away from traditional ideas of “it’s pink and periwinkle for the ladies.”

As a matter of fact, the Nike Web site now features a link to skip straight to the gender-neutral merch. Sounds like someone has been creeping on someone’s Twitter accounts, and is listening.

Nike uses its “oldie but goodie” signature colors for each colorway: the “Sunrise” colorway features Team Orange as well as Black and University Gold, and the ‘Sunset’ colorway is Hyper Pink, black, and Hyper Grape. The shoes drop February 21, and are likely to sell out everywhere quickly, seeing as how both men and women will be vying for the latest freshness.